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Post  Chasmira1060 on Thu Oct 01, 2009 12:07 pm

One of my favorite things about Narnia is all the symbolism! What's some favorite symbolism you've picked up on? Tell us here!

1. The Magician's Nephew. I love how Aslan sings the world into existence. Also, in the way Polly and Diggory bring the witch into Narnia, in the Christian faith, man brought sin into the world.

2. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Just as Christ's coming is prophesied, so is Aslan's, and when He comes "It will be spring again." Aslan, like Christ, is considered a king who will restore peace. Just as Christ had to die to save the sins of all mankind, Aslan must die to save Edmund, a traitor just as men are traitors against God. But I really love the talk of "the deep magic from the dawn of time." It is that deep magic which set forth laws ordaining that any traitor must be put to death. But Aslan knew of a deeper magic from BEFORE the dawn of time that the witch coudln't have known because she did not exist before time as Aslan did. It is in this deeper magic Aslan already provided a way to save that traitor--by another taking his place. I also like the cracking of the table, it reminded me of the renting of th veil during Christ's crucifixion. Finally, I like the theme throughout the books that while the Witch, like Satan, is defeated by Aslan, she is not ultimately destroyed til the end of all worlds. A wonderful parallel.

3. The voyage of the dawn Treader. Love the Dufflepuds! I know, a rather- non-Biblical side-note. But really like the symbolism with the lilies (Christ as the Lily of the Valley) as well as the lamb. I love too when Reepicheep goes beyond this world into the next, a beautiful scene.

4. The Last Battle. The story of the antichrist the form of a donkey? May seem a bit silly, but it's a good portrayal. An ape, a supposedly wise creature, gets all the Narnians to fear and believe in a donkey as being thr true Aslan. I really love the end when they all go to the new Narnia. I like the part where everyone passes either into the new Narnia or into shadow...forever. A subtle but creepy way to portray this part.
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